Digital Review and Evaluation

Let our experts assess and evaluate the challenges with your product

Tech Review

Before we can take the reins, we need to know what we’re working with. We’ll start by conducting a code review, this will allow us to see how the system was built and what approach the previous developers took.

UX Review

When taking on an existing project, it’s important to subject it to the same level of scrutiny that we do with our own work. This includes reviewing existing designs and ensuring the user experience is as good as it can be, and that the platform goals are being achieved

Product Improvement Plan

After we’ve reviewed your existing project, it’s condition and accompanying documentation then we’ll be in a place where we can plan with you what the next steps are. This could be bug fixing or developing new features or simply taking over in a supportive role.

When working with us, you can expect more


We are passionate about doing things as well being aware of the impact of our work. This influences everything we do, and means you won’t find a more trustworthy and transparent team.


We base our design and development processes on Agile methodologies, which means we work in short bursts with regular feedback, demos and updates throughout. We know communication is crucial and will always keep you in the loop.


We specialise in a range of modern, tried and tested technologies that we know and trust. We will select our stack dependant on your requirements, but you can rest assured that our stack will align with your vision for the platform. 

Quality Assurance

QA is a vital part of our development process. To ensure our platforms are up to scratch, we integrate automated tests, and combine this with manual testing by our dedicated QA testers.

The Team

Our team is what brings our work to life. Our expert bunch of designers and developers are dedicated to Tech for Good, and are passionate about our work. As curious self developers, we all have unique backgrounds but push ourselves to the limits by constantly learning, teaching and adapting.

Our award-winning design team and engineers with proficiency across multiple fields, specialisations and platforms are the reason many clients continue to work with us over and over.

Workshops & Consultation

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